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22.11.2017, 13:48

Wszędzie widzi twarze i to go inspiruje!


Keith Larsen praktycznie wszędzie dostrzega twarze. Zjawisko to nazywane jest pareidolią i jak się okazuje może być bardzo inspirujące. Zresztą zobaczcie sami, jakie postaci tworzy Keith w oparciu o pozornie zwyczajne przedmioty! A dla znających język angielski Keith przygotował też zabawne wierszyki...


I’m the drunk octopus looking to fight.

Fear the left hook and the jab of my right.

You’re at an advantage, my eyes are offset

Yet I’ll surely win this one, I’m the safe bet.

Even with six legs behind my back, this’ll be no match

But I can’t leave this wall, I’m stuck, I’m attached.

Otwarta miłość

Love can open many doors

We're often used to open albacore.

I'm Jan, and this is Fran.

We've been told no, again and again

Many against us, our life is a sin

But in the end, love always wins.

Wilgotny hydrant

I'm a dandy dapper dampener.

Fires tickle my fancy, those are no match for me.

Remove my monocle you must, for the water to flee.

When it comes to parking, I know I'm a nuisance

But when your dog pees, I'm somehow translucent.

I'm a damn dampened hydrant.

Żółw parkingowy

Slow and steady wins the race.

That's not the case when it comes to this face.

Tracking your time, waiting for it to expire

The shell on my back being a parked cars tire.

Your times running out, telling you is my purpose

This is my role, as a parking meter tortoise.

Torba z papierosem

I'm just a bag takin' a drag

Greaser hair, pull string flair

I'm not full of myself as I may look,

I'm filled with your belongings, like pencils and books

Give me a chance doll face, I'm not a cheater

We'll hold hands at the drive-in theater.

Czarownica homeopatka

Ting tang walla walla bing bang.

You'll be healed by these words I sang.

I'm a rusted rake, a trusted fake.

Hiding behind my mask as you take the medicine I make.

I collect all that is natural, dried leaves and all.

Homeopathy is the term, if I recall.

My tines are feathers, oxidized from the weather.

Come to me, the witch doctor, so you can feel healthy and better.

Gremlin dyspenzer

Did you hear the news? Pull down my ears is how I'm used.

Newspapers are what I dispense.

Be up to date with your current events.

Look at new gizmos and gadgets, clothes and jackets.

Just about anything worth to mention.

You can call me Yorker, your yellow news dispensing gremlin.

Kawa z rana

A yawning morning monkey, yearning for caffeine.

Senses not so keen, for this waking groggy coffee fiend.

Hoo hoo ha ha, that first cup was great.

That productive primate mode, we all can relate.

Ba da ba ba ba, energy all day long it’s not gonna quit.

Bananas and coffee, breakfast of chimpions, and I’m lovin’ it.

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